2- Somewhere in Iraq, the birth of a humanity


The birth of “humanity” is usually associated with human settlements, because settlements could develop industrial knowledge to produce an agriculture, clay items, woven items, iron items, wooden items, bronze items, stone items, objects and architecture. Nomadism has developed trades, exchange, the management of time, seasons, cattle, the management of a herd and the management of people, the way they think and they interact with others. Different ways of living have emerged and among them, different traditions, different philosophies. We discuss in this episode the various aspects that define “humanity”.


Signs of a humanity in Los Angeles, industries and communities. Jewels/jews, Fashion/Indians, Fabrics/Farsi, Restaurants/Italian, French, Korean, the specificity of an industry, the way cultures and traditions develop their characteristics. Interviews with people, the way they describe their own communities and the way they envision humanity individually and as a whole.


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