April 12, 2020
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The SAB Center is conducting a survey on affordable housing to value different scenarios with different types of housing and study how gender, age, social background and wages may impact the choices.

Before answering the survey, we recommend that you get familiar with the following types of housing. Try to imagine your ideal and think of the situations where you would favor one type rather than others.

Type 1. Single-family house.
Type 2. Two-family house.
Type 3. Single-family house with rooms for lodgers or boarders.
Type 4. Lodging house for men.
Type 5. Lodging house for women.
Type 6. Tenement house.
Type 7. Boarding house.

This survey will be used in our demonstration program to design the architectural concept of a village that we will build and continue to survey in our Research and Development program.

To participate this survey, please register as a volunteer:

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